Company Profile


Established in 1979, JR Linewood’s ambitions were high, always seeking to grow bigger. Starting as a basic carpentry workshop, a veneer hydraulic heat press machine was introduced in 1983 to keep up with the market’s demands and development.

In 1996, the saw blade sharpening department was established to further expand and maintain the business.

In 2006, to cope with the development of the market and manufacturing technology, the melamine board cutting & PVC edge banding machines were introduced to improve our machinery.

2015 was a turning point, JR Linewood expanded from execution of drawings, to accommodating a design department, helping customers not only in implementation, but in transforming their demands into ideas through experienced architects.

In 2016, JR Linewood, in collaboration with YORA, introduced a new concept, an online furniture store. This furniture line is a hybrid of oak wood and steel elements, giving the products a contemporary and minimalist character.

JR Linewood currently works on various types of big scale projects, commercial such as banks, restaurants and hotels, public and governmental facilities such as ministries and headquarters, to residential such as villas and apartments.  Nonetheless,  JR Linewood also handles special small scale projects such as kitchens, bedrooms, furniture, outdoor pergolas and landscaping.


JR Linewood offers a wide range of services that intend to cover everything related to carpentry and wood works. These services aim to guide clients in every step, whether executing their ideas, or proposing designs, leading to their execution and delivery.

Services include:

  • Carpentry
  • Veneer Hydraulic Heat Press
  • Saw Blade Sharpening
  • Melamine Board cutting & PVC Edge banding
  • Design services